April Meeting: Loren Spivack, The Free Market Warrior

4/11/2019 at 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Event Description

Loren Spivack “The Free Market Warrior” was born and raised in Massachusetts and spent most of his
adult life in New York City. Before becoming active in politics, Spivack worked for several non-profits
and as a management consultant for both profit and non-profit companies.
Spivack founded “Free Market Warrior” in 2009 in an effort to make a positive difference in American
politics and economics.

His “Free Market Warrior” store was expelled from Concord Mills Mall in North Carolina in July of 2009
for selling material critical of the Obama Administration. (Mall owners, Simon Property Group, are
major Democratic donors.) Since then Loren has devoted his time to teaching conservative groups
about free market economics. He conducts "Economic Literacy" seminars across the United States. So
far, Spivack has delivered his famous seminar on “Economic Literacy” to over 200 groups in 20 states.
Spivack is also the author of “The New Democrat” a parody history of the Obama administration, based
on a famous children's book. With pitch-perfect rhyme and clever illustrations, "The New Democrat”
transforms the political personalities of our times into cartoon characters in a conservative morality

Spivack’s second book “The Gorax” is an anti-environmentalism/pro capitalism parody starring Al Gore
and presenting his movement as a threat to American freedom and standard of living. Once again
Spivack is both funny and poignant as he makes the case that capitalism (represented by the
“Onepercentler”) is the real victim of environmental extremists who destroy prosperity without
achieving even their own goals. Along the way, Spivack takes well aimed shots at everything from “The
Fed” to the teachers unions. “The Gorax” came out on July 1, 2013.



LPGA Clubhouse
1000 Champions Dr
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