About the Club

The Tiger Bay Club of Volusia County was founded in 1987 in the hope of encouraging a better understanding of public issues.

Tiger Bay Club of Volusia County is one of many Tiger Bay clubs that exist throughout Florida. Our members come from all walks of life and all share a keen interest in public affairs and politics. Our members come together to hear local, regional and nationally-known speakers, senators, congressmen, candidates, columnists, authors and the "movers and shakers" of our community. We do not take sides on political issues nor do we support political candidates.

The presentations and debates at our meetings are followed by a “no holds barred” style Question and Answer session. One of the benefits of membership is that only our members may ask the questions and be eligible for the coveted “Fang & Claw Award” presented to the person judged to ask the most poignant question of the day. Our first president was Edgar M. Dunn Jr. who served from 1987-1990 and today we have more than 165 members.

Tiger Bay Club of Volusia County lunch meetings are held nine times a year, usually on the second Thursday of the month. The annual dinner meeting is usually held in January.

Guests may attend meetings with a member. There is a limit of one meeting, per guest, per year. Reservations are required. Go to EVENTS for RSVP and event information.